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Bridge is by far the best card game there is and is played with enthusiasm by tens of millions of players, socially and in tournaments, around the world.

If you have never played bridge, check our introduction located under the new players banner.

BridgeClues provides bidding and play hands for entertainment and instruction at three levels: new player, level 1, and level 2. The level 1 and 2 hands change daily with level 2 hands of more interest to experienced players than level 1 hands. The level 1 hands are designed to improve the skills of less experienced players so that they can better understand the level 2 hands.

The BridgeClues hands provide interesting and challenging situations, asking questions on what action to take, and then providing answers. Sequential displays for each hand are available for the questions and answers provided.

You probably have to scroll the displays to see all the information/options we provide. Look for the scroll bar at the right side of the white area where we provide comments, questions, and answers. Also look at the far right of our window for a scroll bar to go to the bottom of the display.

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