2/1 Bidding Books
Due to popular demand, Mike Lawrence has written a fabulous series of five, 30-40 page small books covering the most important aspects of Two Over One bidding. When purchased, you will receive the book by e-mail as a PDF file. A must have for everyone! If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Read (required to read the PDF books), you may download it here.
I feel so strongly about the importance of your having the information I offer in all five books that I will provide the fifth free of charge when you purchase the complete series.
One of the most important aspects of Two Over One bidding is discussed. It covers the forcing 1NT response to a major suit opening bid in first or second seat. The forcing notrump convention is needed to allow the rest of the system to function smoothly. Without it, there will be nothing but troubles.
Two new conventions are introduced. The semi-forcing 1NT is a variation on the forcing 1NT bid. There are some important differences that you must know of between the forcing notrump response discussed in book one and the semi-forcing notrump response discussed in book two. The other convention shown is the Drury convention. I rate this as one of my top five conventions, for good reason. This convention works in tandem with the semi-forcing 1NT convention.
What responder needs to go to the two level in a new suit when his partner opens with a one bid. Similarly, I discuss how opener rebids after getting a two-over-one response from his partner.
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